The Library Cesare Pozzo was founded in Milan in 1977 but the idea of creating a library connected to the Mutual Benefit Society has its roots at the end of 1800.

Founded on 1st May 1877, from the beginning the Mutual Benefit Society among Machinists and Stokers in Northern Italy Railways collected books and publications on transport technology, on the mutual and syndical movement, with the purpose to develop and promote the professional knowledge of its members.

Most of these materials were dispersed first with the occupation of the seat by the army during the riots of 1898 and then with the commissioner of the Mutual Benefit Society imposed by fascism in 1928.

Among those early texts, however, something has been saved. For example, the Atlas of Steam engines and railways by Augusto Cavallero (1870) that contains the layout of the first Milan Central Station, opened in 1864 and demolished in the 30s, or 20 years of railway life. History of the organization of Italian Machinists and Stokers by Cesare Pozzo published posthumously in 1899. In addition of course to the statutes, records and reports of administration of the Mutual Benefit Society or documents on the construction of the House of Railwaymen in Via S. Gregorio in Milan.

The Library retains the historical records of the Mutual Benefit Society (1880-1996) (http://www.lombardiabeniculturali.it/archivi/complessi-archivistici/MIBA01A0DE/) and the archives of the Italian Union of Railwaymen (1949 -1980). It also has about 15,000 volumes and 90 periodicals and more than 300 theses. The books are divided into three main areas:

Policy, Economics, History and Technique of transport, in particular railways.

Transport Workers’ Movement and Trade Union Movement.

Mutuality and Cooperation

The three main areas are flanked by a large section of consultation (history, politics, economics, sociology) and a section of books on the Resistance during the Second World War.



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